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active - 4 min read - Feb 9 2022
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Generate App Ideas With OpenAI’s GPT-3

AI can do anything

Every product whether it’s a SaaS, PaaS, DaaS (donut as a service app incoming), or a physical product was in its infancy an innocent idea brought in the hands of builders and innovators.

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SaaS Nowadays

My desire was to build something that helps others build and many faces the dreaded lack of an idea, so I researched tools to cut down brainstorming to simple swipes and taps and none was truly marvelous.

I built GenIdea, an OpenAI GPT-3 powered web app that will soon boost everyone’s inspiration and creativity to the next level (so I hope). Also launched it on Product Hunt so feel free to give feedback,

Right now we are launching it in the demo phase to gather signups and will soon release a Roadmap for many upcoming features (true idea generation, project building & many others).

Product demo

Check the brand new homepage and start generating ideas like a million-dollar unicorn on PEDs.

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GenIdea | Landing Page

Your preferences are of the utmost importance to us therefore freely switch between light mode & dark mode with just a tap.

Whether you like freedom or love a little random luck from time to time, roll the dice for a category or just choose one on your own.

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GenIdea | Landing

As an extra touch, we are also suggesting a list of technologies to get you started on your app in no time. We are a bit biased to JavaScript frameworks but will soon include more techs.

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GenIdea | Ideas

But how can you get to the next idea you may ask? Well just swipe right and left whether you like it or it ain’t for you, will soon be linking liked/disliked ideas so you can keep a library of all your creative ideas.

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GenIdea | Swipe Ideas

Don’t forget to check the website on mobile for the best experience.

Account Creation

Authentication will be done through Google & GitHub OAuth after which you’ll be automatically given the free tier 10 ideas/month.

Those ideas will be taken from the pool of already generated ideas and not claimed by paying users.

Plan Selection

If you truly want to experience the AI at its finest choose either the Standard or Premium subscription plans which grant 100 / 500 ideas per month which should cover all your brainstorming needs.

Stripe will be used as a payment processor for smooth integration and payment experience.

Search Ideas

Discover ideas generated by others and even join/support them to build the idea they published. Only ideas generated by paying users can be published for others to see and support.

Use filters such as preferred tech stacks, keywords, and many more.

That’s it for now but I hope to return with many more features and even more in-depth guides on some of the things to check when launching a SaaS, don’t forget to clap and follow for more software-related content🚀.

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