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active - 3 min read - Jan 8 2022
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Building a SaaS on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve. Celebrating productively.

Happy New Year dear reader! As developers we often get asked how we spend our time in a day, is it really only couch potato coding 24/7? A less asked question is what we do on special days like New Years Eve or Christmas, short answer -> coding and a tad bit of drinking.

I woke up on New Years Eve 2021–2022 like it was nothing special, just a hopefully productive & normal day building my future subscription & OpenAI based SaaS built with NextJS for frontend and Supabase as DB.

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I really wish my protein shake looked like this

9 30: Woke up and checked stocks, crypto prices and YouTube videos to consume as I make breakfast. How does protein ice-cream shake sounds in the middle of winter? Amazing. Marvelous. At least until my throat gets sore’ish and a mild brain freeze sets in, but those are always welcome as creative boosts.

Let’s get to the root of my day and that’s building my first SaaS for generating something that I will unveil soon (fortunately it’s not a glorified Pyramid/Ponzi scheme = most NFT projects nowadays).

Everyone around me is running in circles doing last minute errands and cleaning the house as the year nears to an end and I pretend to be in a mandatory EOTY work related call so I can mind my own business.

I really don’t get most traditions enforced by social entourages nor most family gatherings since I prefer a more discrete, self improvement oriented approach to celebrating the New Year.

12:30: I’m updating the database relationships and solving some normalisation related issues. The time has come to go do the other singular non-coding related activity GYM. Yes that dreaded word for most that I actually thoroughly enjoy as it relieves me of all the fuss and noise around and calms me down.

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Gym’s ain’t scary if you wear headphones

13:00: it’s full body time (mostly upper and calves) because my hip flexors were a bit aching for squats. So far minimum social interaction went well for my introverted self as it remains in it’s cocoon state.

14:00: cardio back home a short 30 minutes quick walk through a park to mentally structure my tasks.

14:30: oh gosh, a short detour required to buy ice-cream and strawberries for the makeshift New Year’s Eve party I was attending, gonna confront some real life cashiers.

15:00: safe and socially isolated in my room as I code the final lines of 2021, hopefully they are good and bug free.

18:00: time to change the environment to the party setting, packed the ice-cream and berries and obviously my laptop to get more lines of coding and obviously writing this article before the clock ticks a New Year.

19:00: now reached the flat but trying to crack the WiFi password (more like socially engineer it) to commit the latest feature (spoilers it’s a swipy one).

21:00: I’m asked (forced) to help with the throwing the trash and the fruit salad and I cannot fathom what so difficult in cutting fruit and bathing it in overly expensive alcohol.

23:50: The time nears as everyone around the world are prepping their glasses and champagne, chanting and dancing and I’m tweaking my last commit of 2021 to deploy.

P.S.: I do not condone buying crypto and this article is not to be considered financial advice or a marketing scheme. Kidding had to say that cuz it’s the highlight of the past year.

It’s a New Year and even though I do not adore the social etiquette of forceful parties I have to wish you all a Happy New Year full of job offers, successful deploys and free of bugs and long obsolete Zoom calls.

I hope you liked this little cringed preview into how a intermediate, socially awkward coder spends his final hours before 2022 slides in.

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